Top 15 Best Free Live Stream Sports Sites 2024 (Top Picks)

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Best Free live stream sports sites: Do you like to watch sports streaming, and now you want to know the best free sports streaming sites 2024? Then, guys, you’ve come to the right article, from which you will know the best live sports streaming. So, are you curious to know about the best sports streaming sites free?

Then, guys, your wait is over because, here in this article, I am providing you with the top 15 best sites to stream sports. If you want to know about all these 15 best and free sports streaming live sites, read the complete article, and I am 100% sure that you will like one of the sites from these free sport live stream sites.

Best Free live stream sports sites

Best Free live stream sports sites

At an early age, lots of old people liked to watch sports, and they went to watch sports in the stadium. But now, the trend has completely changed because nowadays no one has enough time to go to the stadium and watch their favorite sports.

Modern people like to watch their favorite sports while working or doing other important work. These people watch their favorite sports via the technology known as live streaming.

Almost every famous and popular channel provides live streaming. From all these live streaming sites or live sports streaming sites and channels, you can watch your favorite TV shows, dramas, movies, sports, etc.

In this article, we will only discuss the best free streaming sites sports, or those sport streaming websites free which are just awesome. These new and old best sports stream websites are the most popular free sport streaming sites.

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Best websites to stream sports | Stream PPV free

Best websites to stream sports

Here are the top 10 best websites to watch sports for free, and I hope you like all of those websites. With the help of all those websites, you can stream all types of sports channels as well as live matches.

  1. Sony ESPN
  2. Stream2Watch
  3. Laola1
  4. Fox Sports
  5. From Hot
  6. Sky Sports
  7. Sony Pictures Sports Networks
  8. Sport RAR
  9. Sony Liv Sport
  10. Stream Woop
  11. VIP Leagues
  12. Dofu Live Streams
  13. Soccer Live on TV
  14. AiScore
  15. SportsKeeda

1) Sony ESPN


If you want to watch your favorite sport with the help of live streaming, then Sony ESPN is the best option for you to watch your favorite sport. This is one of the best sports live streaming sites and free PPV streaming sites, which is why I recommend this site.

It doesn’t matter; where are you from? If you are from the US, then this website is for you. But if you are from another part of the country, then this website also works out there. Personally, I like this website because it doesn’t show any advertisements.

On the Google Play Store or iPhone App Store, you will also see their own app. So if you want to watch your favorite sports, you can also do that with the help of the App.

You will also get a premium look on this website, but trust me, guys, this website is absolutely free. So, you don’t have to pay any money for yourself. The quality of this site is also awesome. If you want to go to this streaming sports HD website, then click the button below and visit the best site to stream sports.

Visit ESPN Site

2) Stream2Watch

This website is one of the most popular and top free sport streaming sites. On this website, you will watch your favorite sports streams along with the details of the team players. When you go to their homepage, you will see lots of live sports streaming.

Basically, It is that streaming website where you watch any live sporting events like the Indian Premier League, UEFA Champions League, India vs Pakistan football, WWE SmackDown, and WWE Raw that work perfectly on your device.

Do you know why I like this website? Simply because of their design, look, easy-to-use procedure, and the fact that all the content is in HD. It is known as one of the best free sports streaming sites. But here, you will also see some of the advertising but don’t worry, guys.

You can block these advertisements with the help of AdBlocker, but if you don’t know which AdBlock is best, then read this ad Blocker app in which we have given the complete list of ad blockers.

Here are some features of Stream2Watch:

  • F1 live stream 2024
  • New Zealand vs Ireland
  • Watch UFC 276 online free
  • Wimbledon live stream
  • All Blacks vs Ireland
  • UFC 276 free live stream

Visit Stream2Watch Site

3) Laola1


Sports news is provided by the Austrian website Laola1. Laola1 and some of its media are based in Vienna.

Suppose you are looking for the best NFL streaming sites free or best football streaming sites that can provide you with free football and NFL, as well as other sports, live streaming sites. Then this website is the best option for you.

Here on this website, you can watch your favorite sports in their own category. If you want to watch football games or sports, then you will see that in the football category. The same is the case with other sports.

This is also a genuine live stream site but it is known as the best football live stream site. So, guys, if you want to go to this live stream websites free, then click the below button now:

Visit Laola1 Site

4) Fox Sports

Fox Sports

This is also the best mobile stream sports live and PC stream sports live site. If you want to watch a live IPL match, basketball, football, UFC, soccer, table tennis, etc. Then just open this website and watch your favorite match in HD quality.

Live streams and on-demand videos of Formula 1, Moto GP, and much more content are available. It is a house of all of your favorite live sports and favorite sporting events anytime, anywhere. Fox Sports is also the fastest live update for sporting events, and you can also get personalized notifications for the latest sports updates along with upcoming match fixtures and schedules for all major sports.

Fox Sports is a 100% genuine and free website to entertain yourself. You will not face any difficulties or problems while watching a live match. If you want to go to this free sports live stream website. Then click the below button:

Visit Fox Sports Site

5) From Hot


This is not only a hot movie website, but it is also the best live stream free sports site. On their homepage, you will see those matches that are streaming live now. And you can watch those matches without facing any type of issue or problem.

The Hot website provides you with all types of live sports streaming like soccer, football, basketball, judo games, baseball, golf, tennis, etc. So, guys, if you want to go to the best online sports streaming site, then search for it on Google.

6) Sky Sports

Sky Sports

This is the website that provides you with high-quality live sports streaming. It clearly means that you will get awesome streaming if you watch a match on this website. This website also provides you with a description of that match along with the match criteria.

So, guys, if you are looking for the best free football streaming sites and the best soccer streaming sites. Then this website is only for you, and if you want to go to these online streaming sites for sports. Click the below button.

Visit Sky Sports Site

7) Sony Pictures Sports Network

Sony Pictures Sports Network

Basically, this is an Indian channel but you know, guys, you can watch all types of sports like WWE, basketball, baseball, cricket, tennis, etc. All types of sports networks are on this website. One of the best things about this Sony Pictures Sports Network is that it is a mobile-friendly and PC-friendly website.

The overall rating of this website is 4.7 out of 5, which concludes that it is an awesome live-streaming sports network. If you want to go to this best free live stream site then click the button below:

Visit Sony Pictures Networks Site

8) Sport RAR

Sport RAR

Sport RAR is also the most popular live-streaming sport for free and it is also known as a free golf streaming site. On this website, you can directly watch your favorite sports like tennis, judo, baseball, cricket, basketball, etc. You can get all this entertainment under one roof.

Watch basketball, tennis, football, and other sports live here with live streaming links. Online streams and fixtures are available on the free SportRar site.

So, if you are the one who is looking for the best live stream for sports. Then this sport, RAR, is only for you, and if you want to go to this best sky sports stream. Then click the button below:

Visit Sport Rar Site

9) Sony Liv Sports

Sony Liv Sports

Sony is a giant in entertainment and is also one of the best websites to watch sports. One of the best things about this website is that you can register yourself on it. You will get notifications from this website that sports streaming is now live.

With the help of this, you will watch your favorite sport. You can also download their official app on your Google Play store or on your iPhone app store. If you want to go to this Sony Live Sports website, then click the below button and check it out.

Visit Sony Live Site

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10) Stream Woop (Live stream sports sites)

Stream Woop live stream sports sites

This website is also yet another top sports streaming websites from which you can watch various sports like tennis, ping pong, baseball, basketball, football, etc. You can watch your favorite sports anywhere, either in the office or in college.

On the homepage of this website, you will see which sports streaming is live now. After that, you can easily watch your favorite sport. So, guys, if you want to go to this Stream Woop website, then click the below button.

Visit Stream Woop Site

11) VIP League

VIP League

As the name suggests, it’s a VIP, which means you have to pay some money to watch your favorite sports shows, and it’s one of the best free PPV sports streaming sites. Here, it’s not free, but this website is just an awesome one that will definitely entertain you.

I am 100% sure that, after the confirmation of payment, you will definitely watch all types of sports. You will not see any limits to sports, which means you will see tons of sports streaming. If you want to go to this VIP League website then click the below button.

Visit Vip Leagues Site

12) Dofu Live Stream

Dofu Live Stream
PublisherDofu Sports LTD.
Size9.1 MB

It is also the best live football streaming free online ESPN alternative app that is present in the Play Store which provides you the best live streaming experience with full HD quality and real HD sound. You can now stream your favorite game and this is the best Application for all ongoing games. The theme of this app is dark with many other colors.

Features: There are some features of Dofu Live Stream are:

  • Watch live streams of all sports in one application.
  • Live score, scoreboard, and many more updates.
  • The updated results directly match.
  • The Dofu app was released on November 1, 2019.
  • The ratings for this Dofu app are 4.5 out of 5.

Download Dofu App

13) Soccer Live on TV

Soccer Live on TV
PublisherMG Sports 24 LTD.
Size5.7 MB
Downloads1 Millions+

It is also one of the best and most popular live sports websites which provides you with the best live TV experience with full HD quality and real HD sound, which is great. If you like to watch soccer, then this app is best for you and is totally free without any registration.

Features: There are some features of Soccer Live on TV, including:

  • The most accurate TV listing of soccer.
  • All popular soccer games are broadcast on local TV.
  • Use the app as a lifescore.
  • The app was released on February 20, 2016.
  • The rating of this app is 4.5 out of 5.

Download Soccer Live on TV App

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14) AiScore

PublisherOne Sports Limited
Size26 MB

It is also the most popular and best free sports app which provides you with the fastest live scores, results, standings, and many other platforms. You can now see the real-time live scores with player performance, match details, team stats, etc.

Features: There are some features of AiScore, including:

  • Your live score expert.
  • A completely new experience on your mobile phone.
  • Important statistics at top speed. 
  • The app was released on August 27, 2019.
  • The rating of this app is 4.5 out of 5.

Download AiScore App

15) SportsKeeda

PublisherSportskeeda App
Size7.9 MB

It is also the most popular and best app to watch live sports free iPhone and Android, or PC. It provides you with the fastest live cricket scores, the latest WWE News, Videos, highlights, real-time alerts, and many others. This app is very easy to use and is completely free without any cost. The app is available in two languages, i.e., English and Hindi.

Features: The main features of SportsKeeda are:

  • The best cricket app provides live cricket scores.
  • Ball-by-Ball commentary.
  • Latest Cricket News and Updates.
  • Follow your favorite cricketers.
  • The app was released on May 30, 2015.
  • The rating of this app is 4.4 out of 5.

Visit SportsKeeda Site


So, in this article, I tell you about the best free sports streaming sites. If you have any queries, then ask me the questions in the comment section. Also, share this article with your friends and family and on your social networks. Thanks.

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