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Hi friends, Today in this article, we will discuss an interesting topic: which is the best Gujarati voice typing software? And how do we type without using a computer’s or mobile device’s keyboard? It is a futuristic topic, and in the future, it will play a vital role in our lives.

We’ve all heard of “Voice Internet Search,” and in the Google 2023 Updates, Google includes Voice Internet Search, which is now very important and famous.

There are lots of famous bloggers on the Internet who are “blogging influencers” who use audio typing or voice typing. So, if you want to learn: What is audio typing or voice typing? And which is the best Tamil Voice Typing Software? Then you are in the right article.

Voice typing is trending now and is also similar to audio typing. In this, you only have to say anything, and then it will automatically be written. For a better understanding, do you know about translation?

Well, I have written a brief article on free voice typing software, so you have to read that article also. Now, don’t waste any more time; let us get started.

Gujarati Voice Typing Software, Audio Typing or Voice Typing ? How we Type without using Keypad
Gujarati voice typing software free download

What is Gujarati Voice Typing Software?

It is a professional app for typing along with an audio track on your phone or laptop. A person who is an expert in audio typing is known as a “microcassette transcriber,” and the use of this cassette is to maximize the typing speed.
When we start typing, we usually use Google Search or the touchpad on our smartphones. However, technology is evolving, and many new features are being added to typing.
Gujarati voice-typing software is a machine-learning-based new technology. When voice typing or audio typing, we do not touch our computer, laptop, or mobile.
And without any touch, we can type anything; we only have to speak, and automatically, our computer or mobile device starts typing. This technology came about in 2002, but its use was not so rare. This technology didn’t support multiple languages, and the accuracy of this technology was also poor as compared to the Google Keyboard or Mobile Keyboard.
We do not only use audio typing or voice typing for the typing of text. But we also use this technology for video search, song search, file search, audio search, etc. Here, I am going to tell you the name of that software: Google Assistant Voice Typing Tool which is known as Malayalam voice typing.

Features of Google Assitant Voice Typing Tool

Google Assitant Voice Typing Tool

Google Assistant is an audio-typing or voice-typing technology and the use of this technology. You can write anything without the use of a computer keyboard or even a mobile keypad.
When we talk about the accuracy of Google Assistant, it has 99.9% accuracy and supports all types of languages.
Now, there are lots of features of Google Assistant, and all these features are given below:
  1. With the use of the Google Assistant Voice Typing tool, we can call any person; you have to say only “Call exotic Irfan.”
  2. We send text messages without typing. Speak: “Text Exotic Irfan, I’m in the clinic.”
  3. We use a command to send birthday or anniversary greetings to any friend or family member and set a reminder.
  4. With the Google Assistant Voice Typing tool, we can take selfies from our mobile phones without a click on the camera.
  5. We can access many other features, like map navigation, weather reports, news reports, etc., without clicking on them.

How do we use Gujarati Voice Typing Software?

How do we use Gujarati Voice Typing Software

If we want to use Google Assistant’s Cortana Voice Typing Tool for phone, camera, or internet navigation,

Then it’s okay, but when we want to write the words above from 1000–2000, these Google Assistant and Cortana Voice Typing Tools show some errors.

As a result, we can only write words of less than 1000 characters.

But there are also many tools from which you can write above 500 words without any errors, like speech notes,, etc.

First Method of Audio Typing or Voice Typing: 

If we want to do audio typing or voice typing on our mobile phones, then the Gboard application is the most popular and best application.

Gboard Application and google docs voice typing are an App of Google, and with the help of this App, you can write amazing articles without touching your mobile phone.

  • First of all, you can download this app from here, “Gboard,” and after that, you open this App and click on Settings.
  • After that, make this app your primary keyword.
  • After the selection of Gboard, we can create lots of News articles, text message types, etc.
  • You click on Open Text Editor.
  • In this way, you can write your message either by typing it or by using voice typing.
  • If you want to do voice typing, then simply click on the voice typing icon, start speaking your texts, and create a long and beneficial article.


Second Method of Audio Typing or Voice Typing:

If we want to do audio typing or voice typing on our computer, then there are lots of websites from which you can create an article.

But in this article, I am going to tell you the best and most popular method.

  • First of all, you go to Google and search Chrome Web Store-Extension.
  • After that, click on the first link and open it on the left side of the extension.
  • You will search for the VoiceIn Voice Typing Extension and add this extension to the Chrome browser on your computer.
  • After that, allow your microphone to be where the computer detects your voice, and type the words with accuracy.
  • After that, select the language in which we want to write an article.
  • And after that, you are ready to create an article.
  • Friends, I am telling you, this is the best and most popular method of writing any type of article, and if you use it, you guys will love it.


So, friends, in this article, I told you: What is audio typing, or voice typing? How do we type without using a keyboard?

And if you have any queries about this post or article, then put your question or query in the comment section.

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