How to Add Multiple Videos to One Instagram Story Apple, Android

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How to Add Multiple Videos to One Instagram Story Apple: Your Instagram story is your platform for expressing yourself and sharing your thoughts with your followers. It allows you to share pictures, videos, events, promotional content, or text.

Instagram users are increasingly using this feature. There is now an option to upload multiple photographs or videos to one Instagram story. Keeping your profile updated with your daily moments isn’t necessary.

Through photos and videos, you can share what’s happening in your daily life with others. An Instagram story slideshow will display multiple contents uploaded to it. Instagram’s main page, or newsfeed, will display Instagram stories in a row.

How to Add Multiple Videos to One Instagram Story Apple, Android

You’ll see colorful rings around your profile if you share a new story with followers who haven’t seen it yet. By tapping the profile photo of a person you’ve followed at the top of your newsfeed, you can access their profile post directly, or by tapping on the profile photo of a person you’ve followed.

An automatic slideshow will appear on the stories of people who view them through the feeds’ top. When it scrolls to another person’s story, it will automatically proceed to that person’s story. Instagram stories can be entertaining if someone you follow uploads multiple videos in Instagram story.

Read on to discover how to add multiple videos to one Instagram story iPhone or how do I add multiple videos to my instagram story, how to add multiple videos to Instagram story, and how to add multiple videos in one instagram story.

How to Add Multiple Videos to One Instagram Story Apple?

How to Add Multiple Videos to One Instagram Story Apple?

Is it possible to display three videos on one screen or frame on Insta? Many Instagram videos are displayed on one screen in reels if you are a huge fan.

Over 80% of users watch Instagram stories and reels every day since they have become a trend.

While scrolling through my Instagram feed, I discovered a few reels with three videos on one Instagram screen. Since I love to travel, I thought making a three-layer Instagram story would be fun.

Travel bloggers and advertising agencies commonly use this three-layer video trick. Because Instagram doesn’t have an in-built feature to add 2 videos to instagram story or reel, we’ll show you how to do it with a simple trick.

How to add two videos to one Instagram story

How to add two videos to one Instagram story

In order to create three video collages or layers on your iPhone, you’ll need a third-party app. Follow these steps to upload more than one photo or video at a time to your Instagram story:

  1. Tap your story in the Instagram app. You can find this option by clicking on it, which is in the upper left corner of your feed.
  2. The gallery is accessible. You can do this by tapping the option on the left side of the screen.
  3. Choose multiple items by tapping on them. Photos and videos can be added in this way.
  4. You can now share your Instagram story content by tapping Next. The next screen will appear once you have done this.
  5. Then tap Next to edit your content. Every photo or video you select can be enhanced with effects. You can edit each one individually by selecting the preview at the bottom.
  6. You can share your story by clicking the Share button beside it. Your story will be updated with the contents. Just tap Undo before hitting Done if you want to change something before you hit Done.
  7. You can access your story by going back to your feed. Now that you’ve selected content, you should see a slideshow.
How to add two videos to one Instagram story

In the following 24 hours, your followers will be able to see the stories you upload. You cannot save them to your highlights after 24 hours, so they will disappear from your profile, feed, or direct message.

Using the swipe-up button on the screen, you can view the number of people who have seen your story. You should now be able to add multiple videos to one Instagram story on Apple and Android, as this article provides you with the basics.


Q. Can you add two videos to one Instagram story?

Ans. Yes, why not? You can definitely add two videos.


You probably didn’t realize how easy it was. Your Instagram story or reel should be visually appealing if you follow the above steps properly. We are happy to assist you with adding multiple videos to an Instagram reel or story if you need more information. Click here to send us a comment. Feel free to share this post with your colleagues and friends if it is helpful.

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